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    2. We’re more than just a place to work.

      We’re a place to learn, thrive, & grow – as people & professionals.

      The City of Harrisburg is Where

      We Live, Work, & Play

      Harrisburg might be home to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, but that’s not the only thing to see. From museums and theaters to historical landmarks located in the Old Uptown Historic District, there’s truly something for everyone.

      City Island is within walking distance to catch a Senators baseball game or play some mini golf, and the Capital Greenbelt offers 20 miles of trail for walking or biking. There’s plenty of shopping and dining too – Strawberry Square is home to 14 different specialty shops and a food court with local eateries. Besides the Square, you’ll find a unique dining experience on each street corner, including classy upscale bars and laid back sports grills. Some local favorites include Bricco, Cork & Fork, and Café 1500.

      Morning Commute to


      The mansion is at the perfect location to kayak to the office. Bill, one of the founders, enjoys a stress-free and relaxing commute to WebFX via the Conodoguinet Creek and the Susquehanna River! We love working for a company that promotes stress-free and healthy living!

      Our Favorite Hotspots

      in Harrisburg

      When we want to relax and unwind after work, we don’t have to go far. Harrisburg is home to a number of unique restaurants from coffee shops to upscale eateries. Some of our favorites include The Millworks, Broad Street Market, and Little Amps.

      Harrisburg also offers diverse nightlife and fun activities from shopping to fitness, outdoor activities, and professional sports.

      Chart Key
      The Millworks Broad Street Market Alvaro’s Yellow Bird Ciervo’s Note Little Amps

      Live Count of Our Top 3

      Fav Cafe Diem Drinks

      Cold Jars
      Cold Brews

      We Take Cute & Cuddly Very Seriously.

      Pets at WebFX

      Pet Dogs
      Pet Cats
      Pet Fish
      Pet Turtles
      Pet Bunnies
      Pet Chickens
      Pet Bird
      Pet Snake

      Our Top 6 Favorite Binge-Worthy Shows on

      House of Cards
      Stranger Things
      Orange is the New Black
      Making a Murderer
      The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
      Jessica Jones

      We Never Turn Down an Opportunity to Play!

      HYP Sports at WebFX

      Lives We Have Changed

      with FXBuilds

      One of the biggest parts of our culture at WebFX is giving back to others. Not only do we want to give back to our local community – we also want to make an impact on the world. So far, we’ve been able to build schools in both Guatemala and Ghana through Pencils of Promise, after raising $25,000 for each project. We recently hit our current goal of raising $25,000 for The Water Project, and the funds are being used to provide sustainable water sources for communities in Kenya, Uganda, and Sierra Leone.

      Pencils of Promise
      Children Helped
      Pencils of Promise
      Children Helped
      The Water Project
      People Helped
      WebFX Positive Code

      We treat fellow FXers like family and empower them to achieve their Personal best.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We embrace change, lead with solutions, and make the most of every Opportunity.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and measure Success by how much we "WOW" them.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We lead by example, work with Integrity, and aspire to leave the world a better place.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We are productive, Tenacious, and get it done.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We deliver tangible business Impact for our clients and the people who work there.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We Value continual improvement in all we do & strive to be 1% better every day.

      WebFX Positive Code

      We are avid ongoing learners and Embrace challenges with a growth mindset.

      Jump-start your career with WebFX

      If you’re passionate about Internet marketing, web design, or web development, we want to hear from you!

      Join our Team!