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      The WebFX Portfolio

      When you partner with WebFX, we take care of the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy more website traffic, leads, and revenue.

      No matter what service you're looking for — SEO, PPC, web design, social media, email marketing, or anything else — we've got you covered. Check out our portfolio to learn how our digital marketing solutions drive results for clients!

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      A mockup of a website redesign

      We've generated over

      1.5 BILLION

      in client revenue

      We've generated

      4.6 million +

      leads for our clients

      We've designed over


      business websites

      Case Studies

      Clients in a range of industries trust WebFX as their Internet marketing partner. Check out the in-depth case studies below to learn how we can drive real results for you too.


      Featured Case Study:
      Sharretts Plating


      • 60% increase in qualified quote requests
      • 270% increase in organic traffic
      • Complete website redesign
      • Total SEO overhaul + ongoing monthly SEO strategy
      • Comprehensive long-form content marketing strategy


      Lead Increase

      Paulb Parts

      Paulb Parts

      PPC SEO Local SEO Shopping Feed Promo

      • 150% ROI Increase
      • 75% Conversion Rate Increase
      • 23% Cost Per Lead Decrease
      Read Full Case Study

      Reynolds Building Solutions

      PPC SEO CRO Earned Media Web Design

      • 43% Organic Traffic Increase
      • 71% Contact Form Submission Increase
      Read Full Case Study
      york saw & knife

      York Saw And Knife

      PPC SEO Email Marketing Social Media

      • 138% Organic Session Increase
      • 108% Google Ads Conversion Increase
      • 20% Cost Per Conversion Decrease
      Read Full Case Study

      ABWE International

      PPC SEO Content Marketing

      We've been working with ABWE for 9 years. In that time, we've achieved a 110% organic traffic increase year over year, and specifically helped shape their recruiting efforts to the tune of a 248% increase in organization applications.

      Watch Case Study Video
      maine lobster now

      Maine Lobster Now

      SEO Content Marketing

      We've partnered extensively with Maine Lobster Now across a number of SEO and Content Marketing campaigns. In fact, Google independently profiled Maine Lobster Now for their extensive and measurable digital marketing successes. Our work with MLN has helped them realize a 100% revenue increase year over year.

      Read Full Case Study On Google
      cleveland brothers

      Cleveland Brothers

      SEO Web Design Web Development

      • Won Horizon Interactive Award for Web Design
      • 82% Organic Traffic Increase
      Read Full Case Study
      ocean city new jersey

      Ocean City New Jersey

      SEO Web Design Web Development

      • 87% Organic Traffic Increase
      • 41% Time On Site Increase
      • 40% Conversion Rate Increase
      Read Full Case Study
      sharretts plating

      Sharretts Plating

      SEO Web Design Content Creation

      • 270% Organic Traffic Increase
      • 60% Quote Request Increase
      Read Full Case Study
      wheeler machinery

      Wheeler Machinery

      SEO CRO Web Design Web Development Personalization

      • 82% Average Time On Site Increase
      Read Full Case Study
      bars leaks

      Bar's Leaks

      PPC SEO Content Marketing

      • 52% Site Traffic Increase
      • 43% Conversion Rate Increase
      Read Full Case Study
      bruni and campisi

      Bruni and Campisi

      PPC SEO Content Marketing

      • 524% Google Ads Clicks Increase
      • 321% Goal Conversions Increase
      Read Full Case Study

      Our Design Portfolio

      We've designed well over 1,000 business websites, and our in-house team has won more than 50 third-party web design awards. Check out some of our work below!

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